Billing Decisions

Whether you’re a small, but expanding startup or an established Top 10 insurer, Billing Decisions gives you a vast library of functions with the flexibility to adapt to your needs, streamline your billing process and improve customer satisfaction.

Billing Decisions is a feature-rich, configurable solution backed by experts in the nuances of insurance billing. With Billing Decisions you can handle a growing array of payment options that can be easily integrated into multiple policy, and other systems.

Here’s what Billing Decisions can do for your business.

  • Deliver a quick ROI through a full spectrum of out-of-the-box core functionality
  • Support the entire billing lifecycle and all billing methods, including Agency, Direct, Account, Entity, Payroll Deduct and Deductible Recovery
  • Streamline your overall billing process with the flexibility to adapt to your unique needs leveraging intuitive, configurable functions
  • Grow as you need to, from payment options that include everything from checks, EFT (Insured or Agent Sweep), Credit/Debit Card, and Lockbox to Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP)
  • Become more customer and agent friendly
  • Improve your operational efficiencies and productivity with sophisticated, automated lifecycle workflows
  • Provide easy access to billing processes, and improve transparency through userfriendly dashboards and reporting options
  • Significantly reduce integration complexity by leveraging robust web services that provide bi-directional integration with Insurity’s end-to-end solution or external applications as well as accelerators supporting interface/integration with external service providers
Billing Decisions: The Core
  • Billing Decisions
  • Intuitive Dashboard & Reports
  • Agent Friendly
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Lifecycle Automatic Workflows
  • Deep Out-of-the-Box Core Billing Functionality
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Bi-Directional Integration
  • Transparency & Access
  • Increased Productivity
  • User Satisfaction & Retention
  • Quick ROI
Billing Decisions at a glance
  • Out-of-the-Box insurance-specific Billing solution
  • End-to-end solution providing complete services focus, from policy bind through general ledger
  • Rich functionality covering all billing methods and preferred payment options
  • Timely, accurate premium receivables and collection workflows to improve profitability and operational efficiencies
  • Choice driven, self-service experience throughout the billing lifecycle, with comprehensive reporting options
  • Investment protection through adaptive platform for on-going business changes that allows for non-disruptive product updates

Power your entire office

Insurance Decisions Suite

Insurity's software solutions are also available as part of a comprehensive suite:

  • Fully integrated
  • Pre-built interfaces and integrations
  • Extensive content to support the entire insurance process
  • Over $20 Billion in premiums run on Insurity