Claims Decisions

Insurance claims management is a complex process that has to be controlled in order to improve outcomes for your policyholders and agents, and the success of your business.

Claims Decisions is a complete claims lifecycle administration system for all standard Commercial & Personal Lines, Workers Comp, Specialty and Custom lines of business. The system combines a feature-rich core with the flexibility of a modern, sophisticated configuration platform to ensure that you can streamline processes for your unique needs while making it easy on all participants.

Here’s how we do it

  • Rules-based case management encompasses everything from easy intake with FNOL/FROI to integrated litigation & medical case management, to enhanced adjudication decisions support, and payment and activity auditing
  • Essential third-party data integrations designed specifically for productivity improvements and loss cost management: LexisNexis, ISO Claimsearch & Medicare Section 111 services, Fraud Focus, Mitchell, CCC, Xactware, Safelite, MSB and TyMetrix
  • Near real-time continuous coverage verification using standards based XML web service interface
  • Integrated, configurable authority limits and automated workflows provide process flexibility and streamlining while helping you more quickly pinpoint and monitor the claims that matter most
  • Fully integrated document management with exhaustive document support capabilities including photos, videos, recorded statements and financial spreadsheets
  • Transparent detection capabilities across claim events offer exceptional customer service capabilities and diligent claim management
  • Innovative app-oriented design, intuitive self-service loss/injury reporting and claim status discovery, and automated claim routing provide for an exceptional user experience for agents, insureds, service providers and claimants
  • Complete Legal Matter Management system provides efficient integration between claim adjudication and litigation activities
  • Enhanced configuration tooling and workflow management speed implementation while delivering broad self-service capabilities to improve agility

Whether you’re looking for a stand-alone solution, pre-integrated policy and claims systems, or a full end-to-end combination, you’ll find it at Insurity.

Claims Decisions: The Core
  • Claims Decisions
  • Litigation & Negotiation & Settlement
  • Financial Management
  • Participant Management
  • Investigation & Damages
  • The Beginning
  • Interruption Driven Workflow & Design
  • All Lines All Insurers
Configuration Layer
  • Select
  • Add
  • Modify
  • Loss Cost & Expense Improvement
  • Continuous Regulatory Compliance
  • Vendor Management
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Customer Service Standards
Claims Decisions at a glance
  • Deep functionality "out of the box" levering metadata-driven tools and rules
  • System implementations in as little as 90 days
  • Investment protection through regular non-disruptive product updates based on customer's choice without the need for an extensive upgrade process
  • Ease of use for increased adjuster productivity and streamlined customer experiences
  • Exclusive regulatory forms library for all LOBS in all 50 states helping maintain regulatory compliance out of the box
  • Device-agnostic, mobile-oriented intelligent-design

Power your entire office

Insurance Decisions Suite

Insurity's software solutions are also available as part of a comprehensive suite:

  • Fully integrated
  • Pre-built interfaces and integrations
  • Extensive content to support the entire insurance process
  • Over $20 Billion in premiums run on Insurity