Policy Decisions

With over 25 years of developing and delivering innovative insurance solutions, Insurity is the unrivaled expert in meeting even the most unique policy needs. From fully compliant bureau lines that are ready to use right out of the box, to automatic no-touch processing with custom distribution needs. Highly specialized lines, user experiences, and workflows. And anything in between. We’ve seen it . Lived it. And solved it.

And we’ve put it all into Policy Decisions.

The strength of our core platform content and functionality powers you “ahead of the pack.” And keeps you there. With Policy Decisions, you spend less time building, and more time focusing on configuring your unique needs. So you get to market faster, have less to maintain once you’re there, and can easily expand as your business demands, no matter what that may entail.

Policy Decisions is a state-of-the-art policy administration system that leverages a robust policy processing platform with rich core content and functionality. It supports the full policy lifecycle for all commercial, workers comp, personal, specialty, program and proprietary lines of business.

The difference is in the details.

From MGAs to niche providers and start-ups to top 20 US insurers, Insurity clients gain speed, efficiency and functionality, all with lower risk.

Here are a just a few of the reasons carriers choose Policy Decisions:

  • Unmatched breadth and depth of core functionality out of the box
  • Richest content, including a vast array of business rules and functions
  • Investment protection through a non-disruptive delivery model that keeps customers current with technology and leverages new functionality and enhancements
  • Lowest cost of ownership and fewest number of resources needed for implementation
  • Choice in service model for implementation, maintenance and customizations
  • Options such as Managed Services including Bureau Content, Compliance, and Hosting
Policy Decisions at a glance
  • Supports dozens of commercial, personal, specialty and proprietary lines of business
  • Extensive array of platform and line-based functions
  • Unmatched ready-to-use, out-of-the box lines and content
  • Easy configurability
  • Over 150 successful implementations

Power your entire office

Insurance Decisions Suite

Insurity's software solutions are also available as part of a comprehensive suite:

  • Fully integrated
  • Pre-built interfaces and integrations
  • Extensive content to support the entire insurance process
  • Over $20 Billion in premiums run on Insurity