Insurity and DataCede have partnered to offer a comprehensive reinsurance system that can be delivered as an integrated component of Insurity’s Insurance Decisions Suite. DataCede’s CedeRight® Reinsurance Processing is the most advanced cloudbased reinsurance service on the market, and supports the most complex reinsurance structures, including: ceded and assumed, treaty and facultative, quota share/proportional, excess of loss, and catastrophe and aggregate.

Written from the ground up by reinsurance experts, CedeRight features an intuitive, easy-to- use browser interface. Leveraging pre-built interfaces and integration with Insurity’s Policy Decisions and Insurance Enterprise View systems, CedeRight can be implemented in a few short months. The system provides a high level of accuracy and auditability, and enables users to more efficiently administer their reinsurance needs.

CedeRight features include:

  • Fully automated calculations and processes
  • Automated bill production
  • Cash application
  • Comprehensive audit trail
  • Operational reports and analytics

Integration of CedeRight into Insurity’s Insurance Decisions Suite creates a feature-rich solution for reinsurance administration, data analytics, and reporting. In short, the combination of Insurity and DataCede provides customers with a professional, enterprise system that turns the complexities of reinsurance into a simple, out-of-thebox solution that assures rapid speed to market, reduces cost, and minimizes risk.

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Insurity's software solutions are also available as part of a comprehensive suite:

  • Fully integrated
  • Pre-built interfaces and integrations
  • Extensive content to support the entire insurance process
  • Over $20 Billion in premiums run on Insurity