Insurity’s service offerings allow customers to achieve even greater business value, efficiencies and process improvements to complement their software choices. We provide these value-add services through flexible engagement models to allow carriers to meet their unique requirements and environments.

Insurity Services include:

Software Updates, Upgrades & Support

At Insurity, we believe our customers should benefit from the continuous addition of functionality and corrections without the need for major disruptive and costly upgrades. We meet this objective by applying updates over time and in small doses, when and how the customer chooses.

By providing our customers with cumulative point releases delivered through delivery methods that are non-disruptive to the system and the business, all changes — including upgrades, enhancements, regulatory and technology updates, and major new functionality — are implemented on the customer’s schedule and eliminate the need for costly resource-intensive projects. Our software design does not require the reimplementation of customizations and configurations.

Implementation Services

Insurity implements its software leveraging industry-leading process, methodology and expertise — all flexibly adapted to the needs of our customers. Working alone, or in conjunction with system integrators, we have successfully gone live with over 150 implementations across carriers of all sizes and types as well as across a multitude of corporate cultures and internal resourcing capabilities.

The unique combination of our philosophy regarding software design and the breadth and strength of our customer base has created a CORE foundation that minimizes the need for customizations as well as extensive configurations. This shortens the time and resources required and, ultimately, the cost to customers of implementing our software.

Insurity’s methodology combines industry recognized best practices along with our own business-specific practices. Our methodology describes what we do to manage the project while our Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) describes the activities and deliverables of the project. Whether the project calls for an Agile versus Waterfall approach, it is a decision driven by our customer’s requirements. In addition, our flexible approach allows us to engage in the way that ensures the most successful outcome within the planned budget and time frame.

Hosting & Managed Services

Insurity’s Managed Services offerings help carriers to extend their capabilities and focus resources on strategic business and IT initiatives while leaving us to manage the non-strategic daily functions associated with application and IT management or business processes. Our Managed Services include:

  • Application Management
    • Secure, 24/7, state-of-the-art tier IV data center supporting multiple business models. This service includes:
      • Secure remote access
      • Security & hardware monitoring
      • Operating system & database monitoring
      • Application monitoring
      • Network monitoring
      • Complete disaster recovery planning
      • Annual DR reviews & regular testing
      • Strict audits to meet SSAE16 compliance
    • IT Infrastructure
      • Client Services Help Desk:
        • Administration of user setup and security
        • Single point of contact for technical or application issues
      • Operations Management:
        • Management of Batch and System Maintenance windows
        • Reconciliation and control procedures and processes
        • Backup and restore procedures and processes
        • Disaster Recovery procedures and processes
        • System maintenance and change management
        • Communication and escalation procedures
        • Interface Management
        • SASSAS70 Compliance – infrastructure and operations are subject to review to include SAS70 Type II audit
    • Hosting can be extended to include core insurance system IT at any level from internal to end-user support including:
      • Client Services Help Desk
      • Manage batch & system maintenance windows
      • Reconciliation & control procedures & processes
      • System Backup, restoration & Disaster Recovery
      • Manage system maintenance updates & changes
      • Communication and escalation procedures
      • Interface Management
      • Audit Process & Procedures including SSAE 16
    • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services combine our deep industry knowledge, operational excellence, and a partnership approach to fully support our customer’s entire enterprise. By forging a link between business-specific processes and the back office, Insurity can deliver a total business solution that helps customers compete more effectively in the P&C marketplace. BPO is delivered through several Partners to offer choices that best fit our customers. Services include but are not limited to:
      • Policy Data Entry, Printing and Collating
      • Electronic and Hard Copy Distribution
      • Cancellation / Non-Renewal Notices
      • Billing and Cash Application
      • First Notice of Loss
      • Claims Data Entry
      • Support for Accounting and Financial Functions
      • Conversion Support
      • Integration Support
      • Report Development

Expert Services

Insurity’s depth of Insurance expertise and experience gained through more than 150 implementations has enabled us to form an extensive knowledge base, methodology and process creation that is used by our customers. Examples of our Expert Services are:

  • Advice on design
  • Testing for user acceptance or maintenance
  • Business process design
  • Workflow from current state to future
  • Offer best practices
    • Testing
    • Product design
    • Integration
    • Accessing data
  • “Day in a Life” review of our customer’s use of Insurity’s software and guidance toward optimization
  • Business Strategy Development
  • Training & Certification programs, including Foundational, Practitioner and Mastery levels

Bureau Content Management & Reporting

More than ever, insurance companies need to keep current with the ever-growing number and complexity of regulatory changes. Today, there are several rating bureaus providing rates, rules, and forms that standardize insurance policies and pricing. They all gather information from insurance companies millions of policies, including the premiums collected and losses paid and submit that aggregated data and analysis information to insurance regulators to help the regulators evaluate the price of insurance in each state. Many also use that data to create standardized policy language, rating and underwriting rules.

However, few carriers, if any, use ISO or other Bureau content ‘as is’. To one degree or another, every carrier provides its own unique deviations to that content in the creation of their insurance products. So multiple steps are required for carriers to actually take content and use it for policy processing.

While automated solutions can provide ISO or other “Bureau” content to a core solution, this content needs to be extended to customize it for each individual insurer. With our robust insurance and technology experience, Insurity uniquely provides a complete regulatory solution that accommodates client adoption of bureau versions, leveraging our broad customer base and creating a separation of bureau & customer content allowing easy inheritance of bureau changes.

Insurity enables our customers to do this better for themselves or through our managed services. Our bureau content specialists have the capability to monitor, analyze, interpret & integrate; add to the system; and merge with exceptions on behalf of our customers.

In fact, our staff has handled an average of 3,000 regulatory changes in the past years. In addition, because ISO’s rating system runs on Insurity software, we are best positioned to quickly provide the necessary updates.

Insurity’s Bureau Content Management & Reporting Services include:

  • Monitoring regulatory changes promulgated by insurance offices and regulatory bureaus
  • Providing software updates in response to bureau circulars and other regulatory information affecting property and casualty insurance insurers
  • Advising customers on developing compliance structures, systems, procedures, policies and documentation
  • Proactively working with ISO to interpret, clarify and identify system gaps
  • Applying and delivering changes to our customers.
  • Making sure that regulatory update content, rates and forms releases are available immediately, implemented into our base system, and made ready and available to customers based on their schedule and choice
  • Automating and scheduling client updates.

Our Regulatory Maintenance Workflow includes:

  1. ISO Circular Approved
  2. Insurity Base Implementation
  3. Customer Adoption & Deviation
  4. Distribution
  5. Customer Acceptance Testing
  6. Production

Together with our customers, we have created a Regulatory Advisory Committee (RAC), a working group comprised of customers of varying sizes and across all business lines, ISO, and Insurity team members. Its purpose is to consult and advise on insurance regulatory activity. The RAC meets quarterly to:

  • Gain advanced notification of significant changes that are under review by the insurance bureaus
  • Provide input into how it gets designed and adopted before implementations
  • Act as a sounding board for the interpretation of circulars or rules published by regulatory bodies
  • Obtain insight to industry trends

Compliance Reporting

Insurity assists insurers in complying with voluntary and mandatory statistical and coverage verification requirements. Our compliance experts work with customers to identify their reporting requirements and develop a road map to integrate their company’s data into our reporting data systems.

Once established, Insurity’s compliance team handles all reporting to the relevant authorities on the customer’s behalf, and will make available errors and corrections, submission tracking, and other pertinent information via an online reporting system.

Compliance Reporting Capabilities:

  • Insurance Service Organization
  • National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI)
  • National Association of Independent Insurers (NAII/ISS)
  • Independent Bureaus

Key Features and Benefits:

  • A proven alternative for insurers with limited in-house expertise, internal resource constraints or who lack automated processes
  • An efficient, cost-effective solution to a process with the potential for a large amount manual intervention
  • Reduced risk of excessive fines for lack of reporting, late submissions, or issues with file formatting or data integrity
Services at a glance

Software Updates, Upgrades & Support

  • Updates provided through non-disruptive delivery methods
  • Help Desk
  • Dedicated Support Teams

Implementation Services

  • Full life cycle from project through maintenance
  • Application Development through Testing
  • Solution Configuration
  • Project Management
  • Integration Services

Hosting & Managed Services

  • Application Management
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Hosting
  • Business Process Outsourcing

Expert Services

  • Product Design
  • Business Process Flow
  • Testing
  • Best Practices
  • Training & Certification
  • Others

Bureau Content Management & Reporting

  • Regulatory Maintenance Bureau Reporting
  • Compliance Reporting