SIMS Claims


In 2016, Insurity acquired Systema Software (Systema). The Systema staff and organization now operate operates under the Insurity name.

SIMS Claims is an innovative, award-winning claims administration system, highly praised by its large base of clients and well recognized by industry experts as a leading claims solution.

SIMS Claims’ powerful platform and modern design enable more effective and efficient claims handling, all while assuring the delivery of consistent and exceptional customer service. SIMS Claims’ robust set of highly flexible features can be configured to meet your most demanding workflows and your customers’ specific claims needs. SIMS Claims as an architecturally strong enterprise platform, designed for superior speed, scalability and performance.

Feature-Rich Claims Environment
SIMS Claims’ robust set of features is ready out-of-the-box and completely flexible to suit any claims operation.

  • Custom Fields & Modules – Unlimited flexibility in configuring data fields and add new custom modules to suit your claims organization.
  • Tight Integration with MS Office – Work seamlessly with Excel, Word, and Outlook for integrated calendar scheduling, email, and contacts.
  • Claims Summary – A configurable snapshot of each claim, serving as a single point from which to view all essential claims information.
  • Plan of Action – Focus on tasks and set priorities to advance your claims toward superior outcomes, exemplary service, and faster closure.
  • Go Global – Support for multiple languages and currencies to serve the global community and help you expand into new markets.

Configurable Solution
SIMS Claims is highly configurable and customizable. Using role-based security controls, clients can add their own fields to the system, rename existing fields, or prevent users from seeing certain modules, tabs, or confidential information. SIMS Claims also features a configurable dashboard so each user can access the information that is important to them from your claims environment.

SIMS Cloud Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Clients get consistent, uninterrupted access to the latest version of SIMS Claims, without having to make a large upfront IT investment. Insurity’s underlying cloud infrastructure features world-class security, and is backed by our 100% uptime guarantee. The SIMS Cloud environment, powered by AWS, is highly available and fault tolerant. It is also fully HIPAA compliant. Thanks to SIMS Cloud, your IT team spends little to no time on hardware and software installation and updates, and is freed up to focus on your business’ core competencies. Insurity performs all system maintenance, upgrades, and support through SIMS Cloud.

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