Attestiv enables organizations to enhance their protection from fraud and losses by using the power of Artificial Intelligence to automatically verify the authenticity of photos, videos, and documents.

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Reduce Risk of Claims Fraud

Detect fraud and stop claims losses using AI to accept or flag photos and documents automatically

Improve Underwriting Processes

Sort out risky submissions by automatically flagging suspicious photos and documents

Modernize Operations

Optimize business processes by automating advanced GenAI fraud detection

Improve Policyholder Satisfaction

Achieve greater customer satisfaction through faster underwriting and claims settlements

Why Attestiv?

Utilizing Attestiv's patented AI technology, Insurity customers will benefit from enhanced fraud analysis for insurance claims and underwriting images, videos, and documents provided by policyholders, field adjusters, and third parties. This partnership empowers Insurity’s customers to improve operational efficiency through automated validation, fraud reduction, and streamlined claims handling.

Insurity Announces Partnership With Attestiv

Insurity partners with Attestiv to provide AI-powered automation and enhanced fraud protection for P&C insurance carriers.

Insurity and Attestiv Partnership Overview

Safeguard your business with advanced AI-based fraud protection through Insurity's partnership with Attestiv.

Attestiv Website

Learn how Attestiv empowers insurers to easily detect fraud in photos and documents.

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