Insurity AI Assistant

Eliminate customer wait times with a cloud-native AI assistant built for P&C insurance

Insurity AI Assistant is an always-on, AI-powered assistant purpose-built for insurance that transforms the traditional policyholder experience.

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24/7 Availability

Enable policyholders to get the help they need anytime, anywhere, using their preferred channel.

Pre-Built Intents

Leverage pre-built intents designed for insurance to anticipate policyholder needs and requests.

Real-Time Analytics

Gain immediate visibility with built-in analytics that enable you to continuously improve your operations.

Always Compatible

Integrate with any system, from any tech provider, through a RESTful API on cloud-native architecture.

Why Insurity AI Assistant?

Boost satisfaction

Eliminate wait times and communicate through voice, text, web, and more. Tailor the AI's responses to match your brand persona and tone so every experience is consistent.

Scale seamlessly

Resolve policyholder questions, requests, and claims without a live rep. Easily handle increased call volumes with AI-powered technology that scales seamlessly.

Initiate interactions

Use policyholder recognition technology to automatically retrieve account information and even notify policyholders of upcoming milestones with built-in alerts.

Drive efficiency

Improve productivity and reduce claims leakage by streamlining operations throughout the claims lifecycle. Solve simple claims quickly and free up time to focus on those that are more complex.

“Not only were we able to improve customer satisfaction and lower costs, the team at [Insurity] helped us to define a technology strategy that allowed us to differentiate the experience we offer and create a sustainable, long-term competitive advantage.”

Ben Bomhoff, VP of Enterprise Systems, Security First Insurance


Insurity AI Assistant Solution Overview

Eliminate policyholder wait times with Insurity AI Assistant, an always-on, AI-powered communication tool.

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