CGI is an Insurity system integrator partner and expert consultant of choice for P&C insurers, brokers, and agents across the globe. CGI’s 12,500 insurance professionals serve 200+ global clients and deliver end-to-end services and solutions that help insurers become digital organizations across all areas of their business. From building digital roadmaps, to implementing core digital strategies such as data analytics and cyber insurance, to designing and managing core systems transformation, CGI delivers end-to-end digital capabilities and services.

With more than 40 years of experience assisting insurers with their core systems transformation, CGI has built a strong reputation for architecting, building, supporting, and integrating a diverse range of policy, claims, rating, and billing systems. CGI manages client systems with an annual delivery of more than 15 million risk information product transactions and $50 billion in premiums processed.

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Of the Top 10 Global Insurers

CGI has a strong history of partnering with the world's leading insurers

Global Insurance Consultants

CGI’s consultants empower carriers to drive profitable growth

Years of Insurance Expertise

CGI has decades of expertise in digitizing insurance core systems

Clients Served Worldwide

CGI delivers superior digital capabilities and services to clients around the globe

Why CGI?

CGI’s deep insurance expertise built over the past four decades enables them to deliver an end-to-end digital customer experience. CGI helps insurance companies build modern infrastructures that improve efficiency and deliver a seamless digital customer experience.

Through its range of business and technology consulting services, CGI helps insurers set their future course, adapt quickly to change, and create competitive advantage as digital leaders.

CGI’s Top Trends to Watch in P&C Insurance

Learn how CGI clients deliver a digital customer experience to policyholders.

Delivering a Seamless Customer Experience with CGI

Read how CGI gives insurers the tools they need to provide a superior digital customer experience.

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Learn how CGI enables insurers to accelerate returns on their business investments.

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