Insurity Geospatial

Geospatial analytics purpose-built for P&C and proven to deliver market-leading ROI

Build a complete view of risk, spanning multiple hazards—including flood, wildfire, hurricane, and more—in a single interactive environment that puts data from 25+ leading hazard, event, and spatial data providers at your fingertips. Empower your catastrophe risk professionals to make analytically-driven decisions across the policy lifecycle with the industry’s most proven geospatial data analytics software, trusted by 200+ carriers, brokers, and MGAs.

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Faster Quoting

Streamline underwriting decisions with robust geospatial analytics and access to 25+ third-party data providers at your fingertips.

Faster Assessment

Gain a comprehensive view of risk by exploring correlations among exposures, modeled loss, hazards, claims experience, and third-party data.

Lower Claims Costs

Reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction with automated event alerts that enable you to mitigate and respond to catastrophe events in real time.

Increase in DWP

Gain immediate insights and optimize your portfolios for maximum profitability while identifying new opportunities for growth.

Why Insurity Geospatial?

Start driving ROI in an hour

Be up and running with our turnkey and intuitive cloud-based geospatial data software in as little as one hour—with no IT support. Use our simple integration options to access your data wherever and whenever you need it.

Streamline underwriting

Make faster, more informed decisions and understand your portfolio accumulations prior to binding with mapping software designed for property risk assessment, including access to 18+ perils and 25+ expert data providers.

Understand portfolio risk

Enable a comprehensive view of risk by exploring correlations among exposure, loss, hazard, claims, and market data, as well as examining risk drivers and regional concentrations—all within a single platform.

Proactively respond to events

Stay in-the-know with automated event alerts and analyses that notify you with the analytics you need to understand financial impact, formulate your response, and provide proactive outreach during a catastrophic event.

“Data analytics is a key differentiator in how we operate, compete, select risks, and proactively manage our portfolio. With [Insurity Geospatial], we have empowered our underwriters and analytic teams with actionable information to improve risk selection and portfolio performance.”

Jen Klobnak, Senior Vice President, Operations at RLI

Make Data a Differentiator: Access 25+ Hazard and Event Data Providers


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Hurricane season brings flooding, wind, storm surge, and even tornadoes. Beyond the loss exposure, insurers must start preparing in advance to deal with operational and organizational strain.

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The increased frequency and severity of CAT events indicate that the past is becoming less reliable as a predictor of future losses. Third-party hazard data is changing that.

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Learn how Holborn, a leading reinsurance broker, provided more accurate and timely information during severe weather events.

Insurity Geospatial includes SpatialKey and Maprisk.

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