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American Perceptions Shift from Skepticism to Endorsement with Direct AI Engagement, according to Insurity’s 2024 AI in Insurance Report

March 13, 2024

Insurity’s 2024 AI in Insurance Report serves as a critical resource for P&C insurance companies navigating the complexities of AI integration and consumer expectations

HARTFORD, Conn.--Insurity, the leading provider of cloud software for insurance carriers, brokers, and MGAs, today shared new findings from its 2024 AI in Insurance Report. The comprehensive study offers new insights into American consumers’ attitudes toward artificial intelligence (AI) in the property and casualty (P&C) insurance sector, revealing a significant shift in perception following direct experience with AI-enabled services.

Key findings from the report detail that initial reservations about AI among Americans diminish significantly following firsthand experience with AI-enabled services in routine P&C insurance operations. Approximately 42% of consumers say they are less likely to purchase a policy from an insurance provider that publicly states that it uses AI. However, while this could cause insurers to reconsider their AI strategy, the report identified this sentiment is largely driven by consumers who have not had any experience interacting with AI. In fact, of the consumers who have interacted with AI through their insurance company, 63% said the experience was positive.

The findings suggest that the negative sentiment towards AI in insurance is largely driven by a lack of understanding or direct experience with the technology. Insurity’s report calls on the insurance industry to proactively address consumer concerns and to highlight successful AI interactions that enhance the policyholder experience, from personalized policy recommendations to efficient claims processing. By doing so, insurers can not only alleviate fears but also showcase the value AI brings to the insurance ecosystem. Policyholder acceptance increases once the efficiencies, accuracy improvements, and customer service enhancements provided by AI are understood and experienced.

“This report underscores the critical importance of not only investing in AI technology but also in the education and communication resources necessary to earn policyholder buy-in,” said Chris Lafond, Chief Executive Officer at Insurity. “While initial hesitations toward AI are understandable, our research clearly shows that firsthand experience with AI services can significantly improve perceptions, emphasizing the need for insurers to demonstrate the tangible benefits of AI to their customers.”

This survey was conducted online in January 2024, and more than 1,000 adult participants were randomly selected across the United States to ensure a representative sample. Respondents were asked a series of 8 questions, ranging from multiple-choice to scale-based, to gauge their opinions on AI in P&C insurance. Data analysis was performed to identify key patterns and insights.

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