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Insurity’s AI Resolves 75% of Policyholder Needs Without a Live Agent, Setting New Standard in P&C Insurance Customer Support

December 06, 2023

Increased autonomy in policyholder support through Insurity’s AI solution marks a significant shift in providing superior P&C customer service without the need for additional resources

HARTFORD, Conn.--()--Insurity, a leading provider of cloud software for insurance carriers, brokers, and MGAs, today announced a significant milestone in providing AI-driven policyholder service within the P&C insurance sector. Insurity’s AI now autonomously resolves 75% of policyholder needs, effectively minimizing the dependency on live agent interactions during times of increased call volumes following disasters or other severe weather events.

As more P&C insurance organizations look to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market, improving policyholder support stands out as a main priority and key differentiator. Insurity’s ability to resolve 75% of policyholder needs without a live agent through its AI tools underscores Insurity’s commitment to enhancing the policyholder experience through AI-powered technology. The integration of AI into Insurity’s services has not only streamlined operational processes but also dramatically improved policyholder satisfaction and customer retention.

Insurity’s cloud-native AI is designed to address commonly asked questions, offer instant resolutions, and provide personalized support. This results in a significant reduction in the need for live agent intervention. Policyholders now enjoy a more efficient, self-serve support experience, with round-the-clock availability and instant access through their preferred communication channels. As Insurity continues to expand its AI capabilities, its solutions remain focused on transforming the policyholder experience while driving greater operational efficiency and profitability for insurers.

“Insurity’s AI is redefining what it means to provide industry-leading policyholder support, and it is a testament to our forward-thinking approach on how insurers can incorporate AI into their business,” said Chris Lafond, Chief Executive Officer at Insurity. “By resolving 75% of policyholder needs independently, our AI solutions are not only elevating the customer experience but also reshaping the operational dynamics of the insurance industry. Our aim is to continue leading the market in leveraging AI to set new benchmarks in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.”

Insurity is the public cloud market leader with 330 customers deployed in AWS and Azure, and its robust cloud infrastructure forms the backbone of these AI-powered solutions. Insurity’s infrastructure facilitates seamless integration with emerging AI technologies, APIs, and microservices, further solidifying Insurity’s position at the forefront of bringing AI capabilities into the P&C insurance technology fold.

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