Insurity Marine Suite

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Purpose-built software for marine cargo

Reduce costs and significantly boost operational efficiencies in marine cargo policy administration and management. Insurity Marine Suite offers the most comprehensive, purpose-built software available, issuing nearly 4M certificates annually from over 100,000 insurers, brokers, freight forwarders, and shippers worldwide.

Insurity Bridge Specialty Suite

End-to-end policy administration software built for specialty lines

With specialty lines, insurers must quickly adapt to constantly changing risks, evolving markets, and digitalization. Insurity Bridge Specialty Suite enables insurers to configure and develop their products with true speed to market, no matter how small a niche or complex a risk.

Insurity Analytics for Specialty Lines

Insuring the most unique risks in some of the most complex areas requires a deeply granular view of risk. From geospatial analytics to accumulations management, AI-powered predictive models, and more, Insurity’s cloud-native analytics platform delivers market-leading ROI while empowering your decision-makers with data-driven insights delivered in the right context, at the right time.


Gain the freedom to capture opportunities as they arise with base workflow accelerators and line of business templates.


Keep up with shifting market and customer demands by using specialty insurance software that's easy to quickly adjust as needed.


Improve speed to market using templates with pre-built user interfaces designed for specialty insurance products.


Easily implement new lines of business with low- or no-code solutions that allow for simple and fast configuration.

“After a review of potential technology providers, we felt that Insurity’s Oceanwide Marine Suite would deliver to our customers a modern, dynamic, and responsive system. The global transport and logistics sector is driving towards increased digitalization in a quest to improve trading standards and efficiency. In this environment, we believe Insurity to be a strong business partner for TT. The advanced technology represented in Oceanwide Marine gives our forwarders and their clients a system appropriate to current and future needs.”

Kevin King, TT Chief Operating Officer

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