Insurity Workers’ Comp Claims

Automation drives efficiency and reduces cost

Minimize claims leakage and improve policyholder retention with integrated claims handling. Provide a seamless claims experience from FROI to payment settlement with self-service web portals and fast digital payment options.

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End-to-End Automation

Boost efficiency and speed with seamless integration across policy, billing, claims, and analytics workflows.

Digital Enablement

Lower costs, improve experience, and increase IT security with an integrated, cloud-hosted workers' comp solution.

Integrated Digital Payments

Easily manage payments using Insurity's out-of-the-box Digital Claims Payments solution.

Analytics & Control

Improve loss ratios and give claims adjusters more time to manage complex claims by using better monitoring tools.

How does Insurity Workers' Comp Suite increase efficiency?

More and more workers’ comp carriers, including Midwest Builders’ Casualty Group and AmeriTrust Group, are learning how Workers’ Comp Suite allows them to easily automate routine tasks to increase efficiencies.

Why Insurity Work Comp Claims​?

Boost efficiency

Improve productivity and accuracy with seamless workflows that include task management, form generation, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) reporting, state-specific First Report of Injury (FROI), and provider management.

Offer payment options

Streamline administrative processes and improve the payee experience by offering payment options that include real-time payments, ACH, virtual cards, and more, so payees can receive their money faster.

Enable self-service

Allow agents and policyholders to review claims, access reports, and enter FROI securely through user authority granted access to self-service web portals.

Leverage expertise

Gain confidence in Insurity’s industry-leading experience, with 100% installation-to-production success for over 20 years on 30+ customer implementations.


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Pay Claims in 30 Seconds With Insurity Digital Claims Payments

Insurity’s no-code Digital Claims Payments help P&C insurers pay claims in as little as 30 seconds.

LUBA Workers’ Comp Selects Insurity to Expand Its Use of Data Analytics

Insurity will help LUBA expand their use of predictive modeling, mitigate business risk, and embrace straight-through processing to provide faster underwriting

Insurity Workers' Comp Claims includes Workers CompXPress.

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